We Pay It Every Time

Vote “NO” to extend the Food & Beverage tax end date from 2030 to 2040!

We Ashland residents pay the Food & Beverage (F&B) tax every time we go out, visitors only pay it when they are here in town. We pay it every time we buy an almond croissant at our bakery in town, sandwiches, salads and drinks from our local deli, take out food from our favorite burrito shop & hamburger joint plus dinner from every local restaurant.

We are happy to support our businesses IF it means we CONTINUE to spend 73% of the  F&B tax on park maintenance and to support our recreation facilities, senior services and STREET REPAIRS. This is what we approved the Food & Beverage tax to pay for through 2030.

Vote “NO” on Measure # 15-214 to keep the CURRENT language unchanged.

Measure # 15-214 is being sold to you as an improvement on how to spend the 73%. It strikes out street repair & rehabilitation debt. It hands 73% over to the Parks dept. (APRC). NOTE: Parks already gets 25% of the F&B tax to spend. Now they want it ALL!  25% + 73% = 98%!  The new language allows the 73% to be used by Parks for capital expenses, including acquisition, planning, development, repair and rehabilitation. No more money to STREETS. Changing the language gives Parks 73% more to spend on exactly the same things that Parks currently receives 25% to finance.

Parks is dreaming of spending the 98%! Go to the Video archive (City website) and watch the APRC meeting  (2/8/23) at which Director Black presents a slide wish list of over $16 MILLION of capital expense proposals. Parks wants 98% of the F&B tax as collateral for project bonds, which it can get if Measure # 15-214 passes.


Passage of Measure # 15-214 EXTENDS the F&B tax on us to 2040!

Vote “NO”!

Susan Hall RN