Please vote NO to this Measure

Remember: Ashland residents will again be facing significant increases to our utility charges coming soon. I wonder what the coming year will bring? Perhaps a better use of some of the F&B taxes would be to offset some of those charges. Utility rates, fees, and charges hit those with modest incomes and resources the worst.

I support the F&B going into the General Fund to help where those funds are most needed. I oppose extension of the F&B as this measure does. We can look at whether we want to extend the F&B closer to 2030. It may benefit Ashland more if we honor its end date.

Currently APRC can get up to 73% of the part of the F&B already set aside for them or for streets. That is in addition to property taxes and the 25% set aside just for them. It has already gotten that….. for just this last year….. to correct an error made in the last budget cycle.

There is no need for this proposed change. I think we need to increase its flexibilty ….not wall it off for one “department” with an insatiable thrist for millions more. We should keep things the way they are until better alternatives are considered.

Please vote NO to this Measure. Please do not extend the F&B to 2040. Keep F&B available for use to repair streets. Keep the door open to considering better ways to set up the F&B funds. Do not make a premature decision.