Just a few of many reasons I will be voting NO

  Just a few of many reasons I will be voting NO on measure15-214!

                 We all love our parks!

       We are a small community, that is so fortunate to have over 800 acres of trails and open spaces, with 41 existing parks!

        The Ashland Parks and Recreation, has met their goal of a park within one quarter mile, from every household. Nice.

      We want our parks maintained and in repair.  We need APRC to stop laying off grounds keepers, outsourcing for restrooms and garbage, and reduce their top heavy Administration!

     Most all of their offices have moved into our cities Grove, rent free!

    Why did Dir Black, during a Special APRC meeting on 2-21-23, request the Community Center and our Pioneer Hall, to be turned over to the parks, and ”the ground beneath them?”

        When our City Mngr requested for all departments reduce their budgets, the APRC increased theirs to $16,602,660 for yrs 24-25, an 11% increase!

       This budget includes 25% of the Food and Beverage Tax, and a portion of our property taxes.

       Why has the APRC requested a Special Ballot Measure for May, NOW requesting 98% of the FnB Tax, and adding another 10 yrs, extending this to the year 2040?

     Where will our City of Ashland’s budget be for the next 17yrs?

     Where will our US economy be for the next 17yrs?

  This Special Election the APRC wants so badly, is prior to our City of Ashland finalizing their/our own budget!

      Why couldn’t the APRC wait for the November elections?

  Will the parks ever have their Grandiosa needs met, many that I have not addressed here?

    For these few reasons I’ve mentioned, I cannot possibly vote the parks, continued requests for MORE n MORE!

   I will be Voting No, on this Special Ballot Measure 15-214!


Nancy K Boyer