George Kramer – Vote NO

Vote NO on Ashland 15-214, Food & Beverage Tax

The Ashland Parks Commission wants you to believe that shifting the Meals Tax to fund parks will protect parks.  It won’t.  It will pay for staff salaries and, more likely, debt service for a new swimming pool.  And it will extend the tax for another decade.

Shifting this tax, and extending it, will limit the city’s own funding choices and, almost certainly, put pressure on Ashland residents to pay more in utility taxes to cover the city’s already stretched finances.  Utility rates are non-discretionary and regressive.  Ashland is already an expensive place to live and this will drive even more of our neighbors out.

I love the parks.  Everyone loves the parks.  But Ashland needs to pay for essential services like police and fire, and road repair before it gives the parks department even more money.

VOTE NO on 15-214.  Keep the city’s flexibility to pay for what it needs, not what parks wants.  And don’t extend the tax by a decade when our restaurants are already struggling.

George Kramer

Ashland, OR