Another Priority

On 3/29/23, I read Barbara Cervone’s article “Not Enough Care: Ashland Is a Child Care Desert” in the Ashland Chronicle. (  Ms. Cervone details a recent get together with Oregon State Representative Pam Marsh, who met with local parents and daycare providers at the Peace House in Ashland. 

After reading the article, I realized that an ordinance is needed here in Ashland, an ordinance allocating money to childcare. On May 16, 2023, Ashland voters are going to have to decide on whether to give 73% of the F&B tax to Parks. That would mean Parks would receive 98% of the F&B tax.  It is important to remember that right now, APRC has adequate dedicated funding for maintenance and rehabilitation of our beautiful parks without Measure 15-214 passing. Our parks should be looking well maintained now.

Let’s vote “NO” on Measure 15-214 and get to work on re-directing money to provide other essential services and high priorities, including streets, as currently allocated. Why don’t we think “out of the box”? Let’s start a discussion around using the 73% of the F&B that Parks is hungry for and re-dedicate it to providing much needed priorities that are being neglected here in Ashland.

Parks already has 25% of the F&B tax. Parks wants 98% of it….AND…Measure 15-124 tacks on a 10 year extension of the tax you now pay…. out to 2040. 

“NO” vote on Measure 15-214.